Our Team

Stacey Aldstadt
Principal Partner and CEO, Stacey Aldstadt, spent 23 years managing a large municipal water and regional wastewater treatment system. She brings knowledge about the water sector and its vulnerabilities to system breaches. Stacey is also admitted to the California bar and served as Public Information Officer for the same large agency during her tenure there. She has taught water law, administrative law and human resources as an adjunct professor in California State University San Bernardino’s Public Administration graduate program.
Eric Saiki


Principal Partner, Eric Saiki, is a lawyer who specializes in advising municipalities and other agencies in many different matters, including liabilities from cyber security breaches. In addition, Eric has years of experience handling insurance matters, including negotiating terms for cyber security coverage, advising on the architecture of insurance products for cyber security and advising on and litigating matters arising from cyber security breaches.

Patrick Hayes


Principal Partner, Patrick Hayes is a lawyer who formerly served as General Counsel for the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation and who is also a former Special Agent for the FBI, working on cyber security crimes, both foreign and domestic. He has extensive experience in prosecuting cyber criminals and, in his role as an attorney after leaving the FBI, in providing advice to those who have been victims of cyber security breaches. In addition, because the energy and water sectors have been targeted for intrusion by foreign actors, the FBI is often called in to investigate. Our team can assist agencies in their contacts with the FBI, leading to better outcomes.